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ENPAD condemns the police brutality against Black persons in Cova da Moura, Lisbon

The European Network of People of African Descent (ENPAD) condemns the police brutality against Black persons in Cova da Moura, Lisbon   In the light of the recent and recurring events of police brutality against Black people in European countries, the United States and beyond, Portuguese police have now added to this structural violence. During…

No more blackface EU parlement

Parliament Debates Ending Holland’s Christmas Blackface Tradition

Since the 1800s, every Christmas, Zwarte Piets (Black Petes)—depicted by white Dutch people in blackface—parade through cities and towns throughout the Netherlands. Last week, the European Parliament debated whether the Zwarte Piet tradition promotes racist stereotypes. Mitchell Esajas, chairman of the New Urban Collective, a network of youth from diverse cultural backgrounds, spoke at the…

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Video: Our Colonial Hangover, documentary by Sunny Bergman about the Zwarte Piet tradition

Our Colonial Hangover analyzes the debate surrounding the racist component of the Dutch Black Pete character. Although the debate always heats up around the time of the Saint Nicholas celebrations every December, it reached an unprecedented level of ferocity in 2013. Black Pete is the black-faced assistant to that generous friend of children Saint Nicholas.…


Press release – negotiations with the Dutch embassy set the foundation for a racism-free celebration of St. Nicholas in Germany

Representatives of the Initiative of Black People in Germany eV (ISD), Zwarte Piet Niet, Zwarte Piet Kick Out and the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) discussed on Friday, 12 December 2014, the need for the racist caricature ‘Zwarte Piet’ in Nicholas Celebration abolished in Germany. Berlin, 12.13.2014: At the meeting on Friday morning the representatives…


Tradition and fundamental rights will continue to clash.

Over the last couple of years a fierce debate has emerged in the Netherlands about a controversial tradition, ‘Black Pete’ (Zwarte Piet in Dutch), a central figure in the Saint Nicholas festivities, an annual gift-giving celebration in December. While many Dutch people see the tradition as an “innocent” children’s holiday involving the public festivities and…