Zwarte Piet universiteit Utrecht kantine

Racistische karikatuur Zwarte Piet op Universiteit Utrecht / Blackface figures all over Utrecht University canteen

*** Scroll down for English   Op 30 november ontving Stop Blackface via de Facebookpagina een zorgelijk  bericht van een zwarte exchange studente op de Universiteit Utrecht:   Hi! I’m in the canteen at Utrecht University and it’s disgusting how many depictions of that racist caricature are being displayed. What should I do? Everyone here…

Blackface screening flyer

Exclusive pre-screening of “Blackface” the CNN documentary by award winning producer Roger Williams

  African-American filmmaker Roger Ross Williams goes on a journey to understand why the notoriously liberal Dutch feel compelled to dress in blackface during the annual holiday tradition of Sinterklaas. How can a country that boasts of a multi-cultural society and liberal attitude be so oblivious of its own colonial past? The documentary premieres Monday,…