Recently, H&M wrote an article which implies “Natuurlijk krullend haar kan schattig, chic of charmant zijn, maar soms kan het erg gaan pluizen. Ontdek hoe je pluishaar tegengaat, in welk seizoen of welke omgeving dan ook”.

Although they have changed their article, this will not be enough. Their pictures perpuates colonial symbolism, of Black “frizzy” bad hair versus White good hair. We demand that this colonial imagery and message must be removed.

Moreover, there is an issue making white women’s frizzy hair, equal to Black women hair. If there have no experts on Black women’s hair, we strongly advise they make that an institutional change. Their incapacity on writing on Black women’s hair, goes further along the article, as it shows no significant relevance on the treatment of Black women’s hair.

This article is an insult to many Black women, as their daily experience involves the erasure of their humanity, but also too many misunderstandings on their identity. Its simple: white frizzy hair is not equal to Black “curly” hair, this equatation is erasing their exisistence, and their beauty.



We have not forgot previous H&M actions: H&M South Africa’s mistake on portraying white models as “the positive image” for your brand. We strongely urged them to review their racist mistakes.

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We demand, to respect many Black women, and their identity and history related to it, the removal of Solange’s picture from this site and a public apology: http://www.hm.com/nl/life/beauty/experts-corner/2015/11/how-to-fight-the-frizz?cid=social_20151125_25135714&adbid=926245744108315&adbpl=fb&adbpr=784744711591753